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Apartment Rental Finder. Most people who are ready to move out of their current rental into something more to their liking have almost no time to search for one.

They might browse through anything advertised in the local paper on their lunch hour but searching for a great place to live really takes time and effort. You are going to start a service that comes to the aid of people in this situation.

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Your service will help people to find their next apartment, studio, condominium, or rental home. You will make your profits by either charging your home hunting clients a finder fee or working in conjunction with a local real estate office and collecting a fee for finding them a new client.

Ideally you will want to keep as much of the profits as possible for yourself. Therefore, if you can work without involving a real estate office too much, you will earn more money for your time. After all, you will certainly be earning that income since you will have to put a lot of time and effort into locating multiple locations that might appeal to your clients.

You will want to be able to offer them many options so that they can feel confident when making their final decision that they were able to consider all of the available rental opportunities.

Who will your clients be? Your clients will likely be in one of three categories. The first potential client will be someone in an apartment who is ready to take on a larger apartment or home and is ready to leave a small, cramped space behind.

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The second type of client is usually someone who is relocating from somewhere out of the immediate area. In some cases, they will be coming from another state or even country. In other cases, it will be a relatively short distance, perhaps from a nearby town or county.

Either way, these clients usually have very little in the way of local social resources and will likely be very grateful for any information that you can provide them with concerning shopping, schools, dry cleaners, parks, or any other resources that people need for running their day to day lives in a new location.

The third type will likely be someone who has gone through a major life change such as a divorce or a couple whose children have moved out. These folks are usually looking to downsize and find something smaller than they currently have.

How will your clients find you? First, you should create a web site to explain your services and provide contact information to any potential clients. You will likely want to advertise your services by running an advertisement in a local phone directory as well as by listing your web site with an online business directory.

While your business is in its fledgling phase, you will likely also want to print up flyers and post them in places where people of all walks of life would likely frequent. Be sure to include popular lunch places and coffee shops! Most post offices and grocery stores also have bulletin boards that they will allow you to place an advertisement on.

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Be sure to take advantage of any public bulletin boards in your immediate area to find the people who are looking for you and your services. Don't neglect places like medical service buildings, health food stores, libraries, bridal shops and any other place that your potential clients may frequent.

In no time at all, you will have built up a large clientele base, most by word of mouth as they witness your professional services in action!

How will you communicate with your clients? You should make it easy for your potential clients to contact you. Provide them with either a local phone number or one that is toll free. Also, provide them with an email address.

Many employers frown on their employees making personal phone calls. Communicating back and forth via email is usually much less obvious to a person's employer and therefore easier for them. You must have a dependable computer and a digital camera so that you can offer to email them clear pictures of all parts of the dwelling and surrounding neighborhood.

You may also want to make these same photos available on your web site. This will draw in potential clients and also create a buzz that will help your transactions to move along more quickly.

The more information that you are able to provide on any given dwelling will make that potential home more appealing to a person searching for it. You should be sure to physically visit each location personally to find out as much as you can about the feel of the neighborhood it is located.

Are there dog parks, schools, or playgrounds nearby? Are there walking or jogging paths within a few blocks? If they accept pets, you should be able to tell your clients about the kind of deposit that will be necessary and whether there are strict rules regarding picking up after them?

(For instance, one upscale mobile home community requires that pets never be allowed to touch their feet on the ground within the park. This requires their owners to physically carry, drive, or wheel their pets out of the park to take care of their exercise needs and relieve themselves.) All these little details will help them to get a feel for the area and help to make their decision making easier.

Whenever possible, it would be a good idea to include information on the kind of deposit that will be required to acquire the dwelling.

While some residences require just a first and last month's rent, many pet friendly rental properties also require an additional deposit or written agreement of some sort to ensure that the family pet will not damage the residence. Some require larger deposits than others do.

Finalyy, you may also want to point out local shopping centers, medical centers, or include helpful tips for moving, packing, and unpacking!


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