Aquarium Design

Aquarium Design. Aquariums are a great addition to any room, whether it is a business waiting room or a living room in your home. This type of landscaping is an art form and is referred to as 'aquatic gardening' or 'aqua-scaping'.

You can create and maintain beautiful aquariums for your clients. You could charge about $150 a month for the cleaning and maintenance of these aquariums.

Watching a fish tank full of swimming creatures has been proven to lower your blood pressure, which is why aquariums can often be found in the office of a doctor or dentist. They calm and relax patients and customers and add beauty to the decor.

While the idea of having an aquarium appeals to many people, most do not know what settings are best for specific kinds of fish and therefore add almost nothing to the aquariums' landscape.

Good Aquarium Design. When designing the landscape of an aquarium, there are several factors to keep in mind. One important factor is the ph-level of the water. You will not want to add anything to the tank that will sicken or injure the fish within. Obviously, you will also need to design a landscape that appeals to the eye of an onlooker.

An aquarium that makes fish happy but makes the owner of the tank unhappy will ruin your business, since the fish will not be the ones paying for your services. You will be designing an ecosystem for these fish that is both visually pleasing and mimics the natural habitat of the fish within as closely as possible. At times, the aqua-garden within an aquarium can be just as beautiful if not more so, than the fish also inhabiting the space.

You will need to make some of your design decisions based on the preferences of the aquarium's owner. Some prefer non-living plants in their aquariums, since they require less maintenance and you never have to worry about withering leaves or brown areas, should the living plant not immediately thrive.

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You may be able to persuade the owner of the aquarium to use live plants by letting them know that living plants enhance the water quality of the tank and provide a healthier and more stable environment for the fish within. There are also a wider range of colors and textures with live plants and, since live plants change in size, shape, and color as they grow and thrive, the aquatic landscape will never get boring or stale.

You will also need to base some of your aquarium design decisions on whether the tank is supporting salt-water fish or fresh water fish. You will have to take into consideration the size and dimensions of the tank and the frequency that the water within will be changed or cleaned. Since many tanks have problems with algae, you will need to be particularly attentive to keeping algae from destroying both plant and fish life within your aqua-scapes.

While most people only get to design aqua-scapes as a hobby, you will have the gratifying task of designing and creating beautiful aquarium landscapes for people who appreciate them and make a profit in the process!


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