As Strong as Leather

As Strong As Leather.  Leather can be quite expensive, but the items made with it are usually worth it, because they last a lot longer than most other products. Offer a service to repair women's leather handbags. Most women put a lot of thought and cash into a high quality leather handbag.

start a leather repair home based business

Unfortunately, when it wears out they try to either fix it themselves or throw it away. Help them save money and their handbag by repairing their precious handbags.

You will need transportation to acquire the handbags and deliver the repaired ones. Another important aspect is the ability to repair these precious bags or have access to a professional source for fixing them.

Many shoe repair, and cobbler shops, are capable of doing this type of work for you. Make friends with your local repair shops and see who of them would welcome more business in this field, if you were able to bring the business to them. They need to be well skilled, fast, professional, and reliable with their repairs for your business to be successful.

This type of 'business idea' could start slowly with very little investment up front as long as you have access to a reliable vehicle and are able to make the repairs yourself or have access to the right leather workers and repair shops.

If you already own a sewing machine that is capable of sewing leather and you have the skill to do the repairs yourself your profits could be very good. The costs of running your business would be mainly for advertising, threads, electricity, and fuel and vehicle costs. 

start a leather repair website

You could also start or open a store on the web and offer this unique service to customers. Try to show them fine quality pictures of before-and-after purses that you have already revived for other customers. These pictures will help people see that they may truly be able to salvage a favorite expensive handbag that means a lot to them.

Don't forget that sometimes the outside of a purse is in great condition, but the lining or insides of the purse are falling apart or need to be updated with a better or more modern design inside. The new purses or handbags today have attached leashes for keys and special pockets for cell phones. These are essential for the modern woman's' handbag, you might offer to add them for an added fee.

If you would like to design handbags, this could be an excellent avenue for selling new handbags and other leather items too. Once you have your repair business making a steady income you could expand by offering new bags, wallets, key leashes, organizers, etc.

You might even design an organizer that is light and easy to transfer to many different purses. Many women like to change their handbags on a daily basis with what they are wearing each day.

Advertise your business everywhere that you can think of. Now that the economy has taken a dive people are seriously trying to make their old purchases last through these hard times. You can also help people see that it is the 'green' thing to do too, using these handbags for many more years to conserve the earth's natural resources.

advertise your leather repair business

Remember that all women and some men use handbags on a regular basis; there will always be a market for them. Try to advertise your services in any place that you know women will frequent; coffee shops, bakeries, Laundromats, grocery stores, boutiques, child care centers, salons, etc.


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