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Business Organizer.  Do you have an innate knack for organization? Are you good at making lists, keeping records, and creating checklists? Many business owners have a very difficult time staying or becoming organized, especially when it comes to paperwork of any kind.

Some people don't even start a business, because they fear they'll be too disorganized. Offer a service where you help business people become and stay organized. You could specialize in up-and-coming small businesses, one-person operations, or generalize. Like many professional organizers who specialize in home organization, you could charge around $60 an hour.

Small business owners are often so overwhelmed with the actual day-to-day running of their business that they have no time (or perhaps the skills needed) to keep their home base of operations organized. This costs them too much time and money. Your service would save them time, money, and the stress involved. Many do not even know where to start, and just having a phone number to call or an email address to contact makes their lives so much easier. They need to know where to turn!

For some businesses, it is just a matter of finding the appropriate paperwork needed to bring to their tax accountant. For others, they have trouble finding a way to keep their billing organized enough that they know where to find the bills that are due and the invoices that still need to be submitted.

More About Being a Business Organizer 
Some small businesses just need someone to come in and create organizational systems. This can include helping them acquire and set up shelving or finding the appropriate size filing cabinets.

This might also include creating an alphabetical filing system to help them keep track of clients or maybe creating simple spreadsheets of phone numbers and contact information, that the clients can update themselves going forward.

Perhaps they need to find a way to store old paperwork, sort through and keep up with incoming mail, or perhaps organize their new brochures for easy salesperson access.

Each business, while all needing organization, will have varying levels of needs. Offer to tour their office and offer suggestions for ways in which your services can help them.

Advertising in a local telephone book is helpful, but offering a website with photos and extensive descriptions of the services you are making available is even better. People are more likely to turn to a business with a friendly face, than just an impersonal phone number. Make sure that your advertising, business cards, brochures, and Web Site are all simple, well organized, and attractive also. Remember that these items will represent your skills also.

Final Thoughts About Home Based Business Organizer Idea  Familiarize yourself with the products available in your local office supply and organization supply stores to be able to offer your clients a large array of options. Keep up with all of the available and new supplies being offered for organizing also. This would include new software programs that can be mastered easily and quickly.

Never forget that it is also extremely important to dress well, and stay organized yourself. If you already are, then you are halfway there!

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