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Call My Agent.  Besides Mom or Dad, who is the one person Oscar winners always thank? Their agent. While nothing can beat the pride parents must feel when their children grow up to be award-winning actors, the agent enjoys one benefit the parents don't. The agent gets paid!

If you think becoming a talent agent means moving to New York City or Hollywood, think again. Even smaller communities need talent agents. Any city where television commercials are made or print ads are created must get their actors and models from somewhere.

Most use talent agents. In addition, the dream of being a silver screen star has no geographical boundaries. Local agents offer dreamers outside of New York and California access to casting calls and auditions they wouldn't otherwise know about.

To start up a talent agency isn't difficult. You can even do it from your own home. You don't need any special education or experience, although some cities and states do require licensing. Check with your state's local commissioner's office. Otherwise, the biggest obstacle you will need to overcome is making your connections.

Every agent runs his or her business differently. Some only take clients who have already packaged themselves and simply send them to auditions. Others offer a little more guidance, helping create and present professional portfolios. Some states even allow agents to teach classes on auditioning or modeling.

In setting your prices, find out what the going local rate is. Usually agents do not make any money until their client has been paid. As a matter of fact, actors are continually warned against agencies that do want money up front. Some agents, however, take in a small fee just to cover postage and the cost of setting up a file.

In learning your trade, take advantage of those who have gone before you. Websites like Become a Booking Agent and Model Success Stories offer expert advice.

Just think of running a business the way you want, getting to choose the people you work with, and making money from the comfort of your own home! As long as you are energetic, trustworthy, and professional, you will succeed. Your reputation will be your best marketing tool. A good website helps, too.

Call My Agent Wrap-up.  If you would like to make a living making dreams come true, there could be no better job than talent agent. Not only is the earning potential excellent, the gratification factor is high, too.

While parenthood may, at times, seem like a thankless job, being a talent agent certainly isn't. So when you see your client enjoying local fame or, better yet, making it to the big league, you'll know they like you. They really, really like you.

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