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Camping Dogs. Many families love to go camping to appreciate the outdoors, but they may have a pet dog that they love to take along; it can be difficult to camp with a dog. Some campgrounds even ban dogs.

You can help these families by putting together a guidebook for campers with their dogs - lists of campgrounds that accept dogs. You could charge $20 - $30 per printed guidebook or if you sell it on the Internet-$10 or more, per download, depending on your costs.

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What better place for a dog to be, but by the side of his owners when out in the wild. This can be very hard to do though, because many campgrounds prohibit pets on their grounds, often times for the safety of the wild animals already living within or near the campsites.

More bout Camping With Dogs. You could provide a much needed and wanted guide to campers all over the country, seeking out campgrounds that will accept their whole family. Help these campers out by putting together a guidebook for campers with their dogs - lists of campgrounds that accept dogs.

This could take a lot of time for you to search for campgrounds on the Internet and may even require many phone calls on your part, or letters, to track these parks down. It will be well worth it though and will require you to constantly keep your information updated. 

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Try to offer your printed books at campgrounds that accept dogs and are already included in your book. These campsites should be happy to carry a few of your books for you, just make sure that your books are sealed in plastic; so that people don't pick the book up just as a reference guide and not invest in a book of their own.

When you compile your book, include all of the information that you can on each campground. Include directions too and even all of the activities open to them while they stay. The more information you include, the better your book will be received by campers.

Also, include a range of fees asked for using the various campgrounds. You might use a simplified rating system using dollar signs, or something similar. By doing this you will not be required to constantly update the new information in your book.

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You might include camping etiquette when camping with dogs also; pass on some of the things that campgrounds will require or ask of the campers that include their dogs while camping. Give them helpful tips on how to handle certain problems they may encounter too.

To make your book known by campers, offer it on auction sites. You may not make the exact amount you would like for your book, but it will be worth the exposure you get. There are many different ways to market your book, use as many as you feel comfortable with using. Try to advertise your book on sites catering to dogs also, this could prove to be a great way to market your book.

You might also provide a way to have your buyers use your special website that offers constant updates and helpful articles for campers that bring their dogs with them while camping. This will allow you to interest them in other products that you might be able to offer them in the future.

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