Changing With The Times

Changing With The Times. Many people still own records - you know, those big round black things that play music. Unfortunately, they probably don't have a record player to play them on. Offer to convert these records into CDs, so they can easily listen to their favorite old music. You will need a record player, a method to record the songs to your computer, and the ability to burn them to CDs.

Surprisingly enough, there are many vinyl records owned by families that just can't bare to let go of them. They bring back memories of times long ago. These records last for many years, but unfortunately, the record players have basically become extinct. There are devices now that can be purchased to transfer the music to CDs. This is an excellent way to preserve the recordings for future listening.

Offer to convert these records into CDs, so your customers can easily listen to their favorite old music. You could even offer to copy the record sleeves and print them on paper inserts to include with each CD case holding the recordings. This should make your customers happy with the finished product.

You will need to invest in a modern record player, a method to record the songs to your computer, and the ability to burn them on to CDs. Then invest in a large amount of CDs and cases to put your final product in. The initial investment may be a little pricey, but you should be able to get your money back quickly after you have made your recordings and sold them to customers.

The nice thing about changing with the times by getting with today's technology is that you will be able to record the music and remove the scratchy noises that you would typically hear when listening to old recordings. Unless your customers want to enjoy that old experience, it is important to find this out before you offer to make the recordings for them.

Whom would this service appeal too? You might try offering your services to the older ones in your community. More than likely, they will welcome your service. Let them know that you can do this for them, by advertising in your local newspapers. If you have senior communities in your area, try to advertise to them specifically.

You should be able to offer the up-to-date recordings for about $5 apiece, to make a good profit so that you can pay for the needed technology, and enjoy the extra income. If you have customers that have many record albums that they would like copies of, you might offer quantity discounts too. This could encourage more business for you.

Final Thoughts About Changing With The Times Start a Business Idea. If you would like to build a large supply of recordings with your special equipment, you might also be able to offer these to your customers. In most local thrift stores, you can find these records, and they sell for very little money.

A lot of them are easily well over 40 years old. You can check and see if they are even covered anymore under copy-write laws. Just remember that when choosing to buy these records, you want to look at them and make sure they are still flat and have not been too badly scratched. If they have been stored and well taken care of over the years they should still be worth the investment.

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