Hello Operator? Start a Telephone Answering Service Business

Hello Operator?  Does talking on the phone come as second nature to you as breathing does? Would talking on the phone all day be your dream job? Are you able to project a friendly, capable personality through your voice, no matter what the situation is? Then you may want to seriously think about becoming an off-site phone operator!

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Off-site phone operators are also known to many people as; "virtual receptionists". As more and more companies are trying to reduce their on-site working force and lessen their costs, virtual receptionists are becoming a more and more popular option for them. You can earn about $5,000 per month or more, depending on how many clients you can handle and how many hours you choose to work.

This type of job is also becoming more attractive to people looking to break out of a 'cubicle type' job situation. For many people, the best part of a career as an off-site phone operator is the fact that they can work from home. It doesn't require you to spend countless hours in the car dealing with traffic and the constant fluctuation of gas prices.

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Keep in mind that, no matter how you choose to dress while performing your job, you will have to speak in a calm, confident, courteous, efficient professional manner. Most answering services staff their phones with persons who will do in a pinch but who often lack that certain professionalism that is generally expected from a professional receptionist.

This often makes callers feel rushed and unimportant. Your job is to make all of your callers feel important and well cared for by whatever company it is that they are seeking to contact.

In addition to a dedicated landline and a reliable internet connection, you will need one more thing to get your virtual receptionist service off the ground. You will need to find your customers! You should create a website explaining the services that you will perform and provide contact information so that they can hire you.

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After your website has been constructed, you will want to list it with several popular search engines, so that people performing web searches can find your site easily. You should also register your service with local online business directories, since this will be your target market.

Next, you should print up flyers and post them conspicuously in places where small business owners would especially be likely to frequent. Be sure to include popular lunch places and coffee shops! Most post offices and grocery stores also have bulletin boards where they will allow you to place an advertisement.

Be sure to take advantage of any public bulletin boards in your immediate area to find the people who are looking for help answering their phones. Don't neglect places like medical service buildings, health food stores, libraries, business supply shops and any other place that will allow you to advertise your services.

In no time at all, you will have built up a steady client base, many by word of mouth as they have excellent experiences with the service that you have provided them with.


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