It is an iPod Crazy World -
So Who Needs all of Those CDs?

It's An iPod Crazy World.  When you purchase an iPod, you will soon realize that you can add all or some of your CD collection to your iPod. Most people are not comfortable with doing this, or simply do not want to. That is why you offer to do it for them. You will need to know how an iPod works, how to create MP3 files, and how to put them on the iPod.

You could charge (for 50 CDs) $1.75 per CD, plus $15 for pickup and delivery. Technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years with the computer and the Internet. This has affected all parts of life; research, science, communication, movies and music.

Everything is available at the click of the mouse; and this is what an iPod is all about. This gadget records music through the Internet so that you can enjoy hours of music without any interruption.

The iPod is generally an electronic gadget, considered the reigning king among MP3 players. There is no need of having any audiocassettes or CDs to listen to music with the iPod. All you need to do is connect the iPod to a computer through a USB port.

There are some sites on the Internet where you can download music for your iPod. Some of the sites offer free songs, and some, paid songs.

Even though this is an easy process, there are many people who have iPods, but either do not know how to download new songs to their iPods, or just do not have the time or interest to do so. These are the people you can offer your services to, creating MP3 files to download on their iPod.

You of course, charge for this service, a rate of perhaps $2 per CD and extra for your pickup and delivery charges. This charge depends on how far away the client's place is, and how much you have to spend for delivery. A rate of about $15 is quite reasonable.

There are iPods that can store about 15,000 songs. There is no need of worrying about the synchronization of your music, as the iPod has a feature that facilitates for auto synchronization of music.

The iPods usually carry the latest versions of iTunes that are compatible for Windows and Mac. With this iTunes, it is possible to create play-lists for a mood or certain occasions.

All the additional songs that you add to the iPod will automatically update on the corresponding play-lists when you connect to a computer.

There is no need of having much of an investment for providing this service to iPod owners. You of course, have to have a computer with Internet access to avail the latest songs. Of course, you have to be aware of the latest songs so that you can download songs that are more common amongst consumers too.

Final Thoughts About It's An IPod Crazy World   
Having a vehicle to carry you from client to client, helps to save you time. This time saved you can be use to download more songs and to add more songs to more iPods. In other words, you can serve more customers this way. Therefore, once you download great music with great clarity on an iPod, you can very well expect to find more customers coming to you!

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