It Takes Two?

It Takes Two? Would you like to: work with people to help them achieve their goals; earn a good income; and master the latest personal development techniques, giving you the edge in your career and personal/commercial relationships? If so, then maybe you should look at becoming a coach.

Would you like to:Have the freedom to work from home by telephone and email?

  • Work with people to help them achieve their goals?
  • Earn a good income?
  • Learn techniques that will assist you in business and in life?
  • Keep your mind fresh and stimulated by learning and using the latest business and interpersonal skills?
  • Become your own boss, or simply improve your career prospects within your current company?
  • Run a successful business on your own terms, working the hours that suit you and your lifestyle?
  • Master the latest personal development techniques, giving you the edge in your career and personal/commercial relationships?

Coaching As a New Business.
If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe you should look at becoming a coach. Coaching is the act of helping someone “through asking the right questions and sharing expertise, where appropriate” to develop and make the most of their talents in order to do/be/have something MUCH faster than they could do alone. This could mean:

  • Helping an entrepreneur to take a business idea from concept to fully-fledged business.
  • Helping a wannabe writer get published.
  • Helping a lonely heart find their dream relationship
  • Helping an executive to become an inspired leader
  • Helping victims of bullying regain their confidence
  • Helping a singer/songwriter get a record deal

The list is endless!

Fast Growing Niche Business
Coaching is a fast growing profession in which the coach works with the client to help the client achieve mutually agreed goals. These may cover areas such as career progression, finance, starting or building a business, relationships, parenting, 12-step recovery, teens, spirituality etc. Think of an aspect of people's lives or even a specific problem and there will probably be a coach who specializes in it. A coach may specialize in a particular area, or cover a variety of special areas, depending on their interests and experience.

The It Takes Two coaching process usually starts with a free half-hour consultancy session, conducted over the telephone, email, Internet chat or videoconference, in which the way in which the coach works is explained, what is expected of the client is defined, key focus areas are discussed and a major goal or change agreed between coach and client. The coach then undertakes to coach the client to attain the goal.

After goals are agreed in advance, progress is discussed face-to-face, over the telephone or via email on a weekly basis. Conversations take between 30 to 60 minutes and the client pays the coach's traveling expenses or for the phone cal in most instances though some coach's provide toll free numbers.

Coaching builds on existing skills of communicating and interacting with people. It can be personally rewarding in terms of empowering people to achieve their dreams, and also financially rewarding for the successful and committed coach who builds and maintains a full practice.

Become a Coach
To become a coach, you need to have sharp mind, empathy, and the ability to deal with people.

Although anyone can call himself or herself a coach at present the general consensus amongst coaches themselves is that, to be a stellar coach, you need to be well trained and have access to the latest training and leading-edge personal development material.

This way, you can use innovative techniques to help your clients achieve their goals quickly and effectively, thus securing referrals and further developing your practice.

More About It Takes Two
To find out more investigate the following sites: Coach Training Organization Another Coach training organization

There are many other training organizations besides these two but exploration of their sites is a good way to find out more about the coaching profession.

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