Let Your People Skills Earn You Cash

Let Your People Skills Earn You Cash.  You probably have seen families who have a disabled member, whether it be a physical or mental problem.

Occasionally, parents or care givers need a break from their charge and will hire respite care workers. These could be specially trained nurses or aides, but many times they are just regular folk like you and me. And the rates are good, anywhere from $15 and up per hour.

So, what exactly does a respite care worker do? Your responsibilities will change depending on your client. Depending on the extent of his disability, you may need to take care of the basic needs of your client, helping him or her bathe, eat, go to the bathroom, etc. You may take him for one or two hours every week or for several days in a row. It is a constantly changing job.

To begin, make sure you are comfortable with the people you will be working with. If elderly people make you nervous and children in wheelchairs bring tears to your eyes, it's probably not the job for you. That being said, you will be able to choose your clients to an extent. For example, let's say you can't handle working with mentally handicapped people, why not go for those who have lost muscle control or are paralyzed, or even limit yourself to the elderly. The choice is yours.

Place ads in the local paper and anywhere your clients might hang out, the grocery store, doctor's office and group care homes. You can list your rates or negotiate depending on the responsibilities required. A Down Syndrome child who can walk and talk and feed herself is much easier than a paraplegic or a senile old man.

Make sure you understand exactly what your responsibilities are before accepting the job. Some jobs might be quite free, leaving you to decide where to go and what to do to amuse yourself and your client, but others will be strictly scheduled, requiring special exercises, diets, etc. These jobs should pay more, of course.

It isn't a bad idea to take a first aid course before going into business. Also, familiarize yourself with the problems of each client before starting the job. This is as simple as looking up the disease or disability on the internet or heading to the local library.

Final Words About How To Let Your People Skills Earn You Cash.  Respite care can be very rewarding and enjoyable if you are working with people you like. However, if you feel that the situation is not for you, don't hesitate to leave. It's best for everyone if you stick to clients that you can deal with. Sometimes, things just don't click and it's better to look for a new client.

Above all, relax, look for the person inside the body that doesn't function properly and enjoy making some new friends! All while you earn a living!

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