Make Money Saving People Time

Make Money Saving People Time. With the current economy most families have both the father and mother working in order to maintain their household. Time is at a premium and there is never enough of it to accomplish all they need to. Bachelors often work long hours just to maintain a certain lifestyle.

This way of life requires skipping on little chores that don't matter so much or putting them off until the last minute. That's where you can come in especially if you are a stay-at-home mom!

You already have to do your families' laundry, why not capitalize on it by helping others get their laundry done? The main investment for this type of business will be your time and the returns you will see in profit and people's happiness can be great.

How to Get Started
The best way to get started with your Laundry Pick-Up And Delivery Service is by creating some bright colored flyers. This can be done on your home computer with MS Word, Publisher or a similar program.

Some of these programs will even add the little tabs for people to pull off to stick in their wallet or purse. Print some of the flyers on your home printer (or take them to a printing service which is a little more expensive) and take them around to places like the local gym, grocery stores, beauty salon or barber, local convenience stores, etc..

Make sure the flyer indicates that you pick up dirty laundry from people's homes, and deliver it cleaned and pressed. Add your phone number and other contact information to make it easy for them to reach you.

You may want to have an answering machine or similar service to take calls when you are not available, but make sure you call people back right away!

The Little Details
You do not have to wash all of the clothes yourself, although you may want to do so in the beginning to maximize profits. After your business is established, you can pick up the clothes to be washed, and take them to a commercial laundry (who will do the actual work). You can then make the delivery to the customer once the clothes are cleaned and pressed.

Pricing Your Services
Figuring your fee is fairly simple. If you call a local laundry and see what they charge for drop-off service, you will know the approximate beginning cost.

Should you decide to do the laundry yourself, you will need to add in a small fee for your supplies (detergent, fabric softener, fabric spray or starch for ironing). You will also want to add a dollar or two for gas for the pickup and delivery service.

Once your price is set, only give discounts for steady customers or individual who have you do large amounts of laundry (and then only allow a 10-15% discount).

Once word gets around about your great new service, you may not need to advertise anymore. You may have more customers than you can handle!

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