Movies and More Drop Off Money Making Idea

Movies and More Drop Off...I think this idea as presented is a little dated, especially given the fall of Blockbuster Movies and the ascension of Redbox & Netflix Movies and Video Game Rentals.  Still, I think it can be modified to serve niche interests and markets.  Here it is...

Start a business where you rent out your own movies, games, video games, books, etc. to customers and deliver these items right to your customers when they want them. They get to keep what they rent for a week, charging the same price as your local video stores. You pick them up when the week is up and drop off their new choices. One person does this and makes over $1,000 a week doing it. You just need a van to keep all of your products in and possibly a security system and insurance for your business.

If you ask most people, they would love to have these types of items delivered right to their home and then picked up a week later. It is always such a hassle to remember to do these things, especially getting movies back in time so you aren't charged for keeping them too long. You would be providing a service that would take care of this for them.

Many families are having regular family nights once a week and the idea of providing games through your movies and more drop off serviuce can be very lucrative. It is hard to store all of the different types of games in a home; it should be appealing to your customers to be able to order different games that they may not have or weren't sure if they wanted to buy and store. This will give them the opportunity to try games they have never played before too.

When it comes to books; novels, cookbooks, how-to-books, kids books, factual books, these should all appeal to your customers too. The list could go on forever when it comes to different types of books that might be enjoyed, by one person or a whole family looking at one together.

Because most of these items are things that you may already own, it should be fairly easy to offer what you have on hand to get your business started. Frequenting garage and estate sales can help you add to what you already own without having to spend too much money on stocking more items to offer your customers at first. Setting aside one room in your home, to store these items could make the job easier also.

As for running the business, it is very important that you keep excellent records. If you do, your business will run smoothly and you will enjoy your job. Not to mention the money that you can make with a business like this, one person does this already and makes over $1,000 a week. This should be an enjoyable income, especially if you like driving and are good with people and keeping records.

Final Words About Movies and More Drop Off Money Making Idea.  It will be important to make sure that you inspect each item you pick up, before you rent it out to another customer. If it appears that a customer may not have taken care of a rented item, they may be responsible to replace it. Remember also that there will be a normal amount of wear and tear on most items and they will need replacing eventually.

Including parts-sheets with board games, (which your customers can use to check and see if everything made it back to the container) could be helpful for them and you also. You might want to laminate the parts list and the game instructions together; this will assure you that they will hold up well through many uses.

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