Personal Assistant

A Job As a Personal Assistant can be lucrative and rewarding at the same time...lucrative in that there are lots of potential customers who will pay handsomely for assistance running errands, house sitting, shopping, delivering, laundering, etc... 

rewarding in that you get to choose the services you wish to offer, who you'll be working with and how much you'll charge for your services.

Below are some ideas that might be the right idea at the right time to launch a home based business.

  1. Make Money Saving People Time
  2. Let Your People Skills Earn You Cash
  3. Movies and More Drop-Off
  4. Remind Me Tomorrow
  5. Speak Up
  6. Shop and Drop
  7. It Takes Two?
  8. It is an iPod Crazy World - So Who Needs all of Those CDs?
  9. Call My Agent
  10. Business Organizer
  11. Changing with the Times
  12. Getting Started as a Personal Concierge
  13. Virtual Assistants - Hidden Support
  14. Grocery Shopping Pays Off
  15. Add Volunteering to Your Resume!

As you see there are a diversity of ideas to start a Home Based Business. 

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