Shop and Drop

Shop and Drop is a business idea where you go grocery shopping for people who do not want to or cannot themselves. You go to their home, or accept a list online, and deliver their food. You can charge $5-$10 per delivery.

Shopping is a chore everyone has to do practically everyday. There are two types of shopping, shopping of essentials and necessities, and the shopping of luxuries. People generally prefer shopping for luxuries as they get to look and compare products that they do not buy everyday. As an example, the shopping for a new television is a big event; the whole family waits and wants to come along to make the final purchase.

However, it is the everyday shopping that not everyone may enjoy. Going out everyday to shop for vegetables, groceries, and everyday necessities proves to be rather boring and time consuming to many people. Sometimes due to other office and house constraints, going out shopping everyday proves to be rather tiring to some. This is why it is a rather good idea to offer services of going shopping for people who don't have the time to do so everyday. Moreover, there are many aged people around who may not be able to do their shopping. Your service will also prove to be rather beneficial to them.

The main thing you will need is a vehicle, preferably a van to carry out this chore of delivering food to the residents of a neighborhood. You can provide them with a choice of personally giving you the list of commodities they need, or they could also make out a list online sent to your email address or website. Of course, for this service, you can charge; about $5 to $10 per delivery, this seems reasonable. Do not forget to mention this delivery charge to them before delivering their goods, lest they be reluctant to pay you the money!

There is no special knowledge needed for a Shop and Drop Business. However, it would be better for both you and the customer if you knew how to choose and buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. There is no point offering to buy these items for them if you cannot distinguish between raw and fresh bananas or between the different kinds of fish there are in the market!

Trust and faith is the secret to the success of this business. The customers should trust you enough to buy their goods for them, if you buy their groceries from the money they give you. Some people practice this business on a credit basis where monthly bills are collected from the clients. However, if you adapt this procedure, you should have enough money to first pay for these groceries.

Final Words About Shop and Drop.  It is better and cheaper for you to cater to a certain area of residents, as you do not have to spend too much for travel this way. Any new neighbors or residents who shift into the locality should quickly be approached, so that they will be aware of your services.

You could also offer to accept orders for groceries through the telephone, for that important ingredient in the dish that was forgotten! Once you supply the right and fresh food and commodities to some people, these people are sure to vouch for your services to their friends. Everyday shopping for groceries is a chore that not everyone enjoys doing!

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