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Speak Up.  Last year my writers' group was looking for a new, refreshing, dynamic speaker who would appeal to men and women writers of all genres. We spent days searching the Internet for someone who matched these qualifications and also fit our budget. It took a few more weeks to find one available on the date of our workshop and who would be willing to travel to our town. How nice it would have been to contact one source to do this job for us.

My writers' group is one of literally thousands of organizations presenting seminars all over the country. If you are a detail-oriented go-getter, you could cash in on the ever-growing world of seminars and speaking circuits. And the best news is this job requires no public speaking from you.

Running a seminar service is an exciting way to make money. You get to be on the cutting edge of all kinds of trends. You have the opportunity to meet important people in many fields of expertise. And most importantly, you play a vital role in the lives of speakers as well as the audience members. That means you could be touching the lives of perhaps thousands of people! And you can do it all from your own home.

This is a business that can grow very quickly. You might want to get your feet wet on a local level first. But once you know your stuff, an eye-catching informative website is your best advertisement. There is truly no limit to the number of people you can reach scheduling and organizing speakers.

Your Business Can Work Two Ways.
First you can act as the liaison setting dates, negotiating fees, and managing all special arrangements between organizations and presenters. This means maintaining an in-depth database of a variety of talent as well as finding a way to let organizations know you are out there.

Secondly, you can organize events yourself, rather than waiting for organizations to contact you. This option requires more work because you will also be responsible for promoting and running the event.

Eventually, your business will prosper based on your reputation. You'll succeed by providing excellent service to speakers, organizers, and audiences.

Another idea is to find a niche market. Perhaps you could specialize in excellent school assembly speakers or marriage retreats. Business seminars, Christian retreats, parenting workshops, home schooling seminars and other self-help/motivational subjects are just a few of the unlimited number of possibilities. Choose an area you have a passion for and you can't go wrong.

Final Words About Speak Up.  Next year, my writers' group will once again be searching for the perfect speaker. This time the job will be much easier. We're hiring a speaker service. Who knows? It might just be your number we're calling.

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